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The Hello Big Hug Gift Guide - Gifts for the Whole Family

The Hello Big Hug Gift Guide - Gifts for the Whole Family

A gift guide for the whole family! Dinosaurier Pyjamas, Cool T-Shirts and Pants for Children and Baby Onesies for the perfect holiday look.


Gifts for the
Whole Family


It is the perfect time of the year to think of a cozy dinosaur look for all of your loved ones .

We are Family!

A dinosaur pyjama set for the whole family. It features flora and fauna, dinosaur and many more prehistoric illustrations from ancient times. The Pyjamas for women, men, children and toddlers come in cool vintage style cuts! Dress up in our cozy home-wear for holiday season. Digitally printed oekotex certificated on highest quality sustainable sourced light and soft cotton. Hand Stitched in a small sewing studio in Bali, all models are French seem assembled, featuring historic classic sleepwear, contrast piping details and fasten with mother of pearl buttons. Needless to say that they make great daytime clothes too!

Cozy times
for active kids with our Baby-Onesies,
T-Shirts and Pants!

Explorers to be will sleep soundly in this lightweight soft cotton baby onesies & 80s-inspired dinosaur T-Shirt and Track Pants. They are more than a kid's pajamas. The lightweight jersey shirt and pants are made of 100% cotton and offer big comfort without compromising on cool. The kids dinosaurier outfits are a must have explorer-uniform for all little fun-seekers that love to wear it out day and night! Are you ready for prehistoric cuddles with your little one?