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Making Of: Big Hug Blanket

Making of: die "Big Hug" Steppdecke

So entstand die beliebte Big Hug Steppdecke.

We are happy to show you how, where and who makes our Big Hug Blankets.

Here you can see how we pick up a small portion of the fillings we use for the production of the blankets. Along with the already printed outer fabric, we bring it directly to our fabric technicians studio for sewing!

Meanwhile our screen printing partner is in the last steps to prepare all 11 Rolls of the Linen Blend. With an eye for detail; they manually print the front and back motifs.

Our embroiderers are working completely by hand to stich each detail into the blankets and we love seeing their artisanal work on each blanket that arrives in our warehouse!

In both our warehouse departments in Bali and Germany
we are carefully checking each blanket and packing them individually,
to control quality and make sure you receive a finely crafted finished article
you can cherish in your family.

It has been a great journey so far and we are blown away by the feedback we received! Seeing all those blankets finding their places in different homes and filling them with love is the greatest gift!